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Welcome to: Cosmic rage!

By Nathan Tech!

The MOO is up and running, waiting for you to connect!

Feel the Rage

Join a world of mystery, science and technology as you explore the endless realms of space.
Be a daring detective, expansive explorer, a masterful military officer or an awe-inspiring adventurer and let your story be told.
Nine out of Ten players asked said that cosmic Rage changed their lives, giving them a positive outlet and great encouragement both in game and out of game.
With over 50 activities and an ever improving team of staff, what more could you possibly want?
Crafting, combat and care. Just three of the qualities the hosting staff work hard to perfect for you.
Join us today.
Feel the power.
Feel, the rage!

Why we're liked by a variety of users.

cosmic Rage is a mixture of culture, personality, gender and age, and here are some of the features that make that possible:

Play us!

Playing Cosmic Rage is really easy.
Just point your favorite mud client to the following information and get started on your adventure!
Addresses: Port: 7777

Don't have a mud client yet?

Not to worry!
We have a page dedicated to clients.
Check it out right here.

Extra Resources

Looking for a soundpack?
No worries!
We currently have a highly advanced soundpack for VIPMud: We've also made an updater for the soundpack.
This means that when ever the developers update an aspect, instead of you having to redownload, copy files across and hope you get it right, all you have to do is run our updater and it will do it all for you!

Meet the staff.

Not only can you meet the staff on our hosts page, but you can also tune in to the Cosmic Rage podcast!
check that out here.

We cater for all.

Whether you're a warrior, a crafter, a roleplayer or a chatterbox, Cosmic Rage has everything for you.
Our game slogon is "Cosmic Rage, because we care about you."
With a hard-working staff it is our objective to make that into a reality.
On Cosmic Rage you are an individual, not a user.

Make the mud your own

We offer over 15 types of crafting for you to get stuck into, starting straight from level 1.
We have an in-depth creative and custom building program allowing you to build factories, bases and starships to your specific needs and wants.
Catering for all, we offer both custom descriptions and a description builder, as well as files to help you get started if you're stuck!
Make your character into a legend.

You need to die now.

Space, air, ground we have it all.
A grid based combat system with features so realistic they'll make you glance over your shoulder just in case a Vacus is there!
Strategy and planning is our end goal and we aim to give you that in our combat system.
So whether you're a strategic planner or a bloodthirsty battler, we have what you need.


Donating is something we have in game in order to provide little steps up for our players.
We appreciate anything you can give to help keep the game running and are truely honoured when someone does give money for our game.
To donate, click on the link below.
Click right here

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