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Formula Finder

One thing, I personally, found very difficult in most subjects when studying at college was having to flick through piles of paperwork to find a formula, only to have to do it again for the next one!
The below link will take you to a small application that will allow you to input either:
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Nathan Tech have decided to do a number of 10 to 15 minute shows in which we speak about various topics, including: This section is still under development, though we do have one recording up already.
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Age guide

Have a young child and you are unsure what games are suitable?
Wondering what games you can beet your 10 year old younger brother at?
Then this page is for you!
Nathan Tech's age guide lists every game, be it Nathan Tech made or externally made, that we advertise for here seperated into recommended age categories.
It is an easy to follow system that should help you in your quest for safety in the gaming community.
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Latest news

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Below you will find a list of links to parts of our site, they are arranged into categories for easy browsing.

Internal, Nathan Tech made, products:

Accessible products developed by Nathan Tech
Tutorials on software and games from Nathan Tech

External links:

Please note: These links, while called external, are still in Nathan Tech, what we mean by external is that they are about items/products/sites not developed or owned by Nathan Tech:
A list of game developers who create games for visually impaired people.
Software that is proven to be accessible for the blind