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the Cosmic Rage podcast

Cosmic Rage's slogan is "Because we care about you."
We strive for excellence in both quality and communication with our playerbase.
One of the ways we do this is through a podcast, published each week.
The podcast has been running since late August of 2019, and is a great way to tune in and get to know the people behind the hosts.
Somehow, hosts are not as scary when you can put a voice to them, and hear them joking around with each other.

things to expect.

Each week, staff from the game will do a roughly hour-long podcast in which we will talk about various aspects of the game, and address concerns we feel the playerbase has.
we talk about upcoming events, projects in progress, do interviews, and more.
Each podcast contains a guaranteed surprise, though that can be anything from a sale on donator items, to a random fact about one of the staff.
It is a light-hearted audio show, with the intention of bringing you closer with the team.

How do I listen?

There are two ways to listen to this podcast.
We provide an RSS feed for you to listen to, which can be found at the link below:
Don't have an RSS feed reader or podcatcher?
No problem! Nathan Tech, the parent company, offers a wide variety of products, one of which is Luna RSS a free podcatcher, RSS feed reader and RSS creator.

Or listen online.

Listen to any of our episodes by simply clicking on the button below:
Podcast number:Podcast Publish DateAudio controls
Episode 7:Oct 15th, 2022
Episode 6:Sep 3rd, 2022
Episode 5:July 1st, 2022
Episode 4:May 17th, 2022
Episode 3:May 17th, 2022
Episode 2:September 9th, 2019
Episode 1:August 31st, 2019