How it all started.
You were working in your little part of the workshop when a huge boot connected with your elf behind, sending you flying into a wall.
When you rose, you saw a huge man standing in front of you chuckling slightly.
"What is going on here!" Came the booming voice of Santa.
The man turned to face your oh mighty and grate master and spoke in an eary chilling voice.
"He who failed once shall rise again, the fate of Christmas shall hang in the balance. Human faith, the emortal gem, and the elf shall answer the call. He who failed shall ruin Christmas and the elf shall prevail, for neither can live while the other survives."
With this, the man disappears.
You look up at Santa, and in your cute elf voice ask "Santa, what was that about?"
Santa says one word, "Scrooge!"


ask what is Scrooge?

meh, hard luck fat man.

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