Welcome to haunted house!
You are Bobby Bobson, a world renowned paranormal activity hunter from south Texas.
You are 27 years old and have been in the paranormal hunting business for 11 years, since your mother and father were killed by two rather vicious spirits.
Now, you have dedicated your life to destroying the undead.

You were called to Hamlin house on the south coast of England a little over a week ago to investigate supposed noises coming from the house.
You assumed at first this to be nothing more than a fraud but as you aproach the creepy, dilapidated, detached house, you feel an aura radiating out from it. A cold darkness that jazzes down your back and sends goose flesh skittering along your arms.
The woman that greets you is barely over 5 foot tall and is pale and thin.
As you aproach, she brushes back some of her long blonde hair to get a better look at you.
Her expression does not change, it stays > Back to the top