Prometheus, the Eternal Wars.

By Prometheus Enterprises

What is Prometheus

Prometheus, or as some of its players call it, promo, is a space based MUD that focuses around a futuristic style of the human race plus other races.
It has a war element to it that while you do not have to participate in, is incredibly fun to play in.
It includes an easy to understand leveling system and great descriptions, see below a full list of features.


This MUD is really one to rave about to your friends.

The players say:

Here are a few quotes of what some players say:
Player 1: I really enjoy prometheus as it offers a unique experience with fantastic players and helpers. I was adicted to it over my entire summber break.
Player 2: Prometheus: The Eternal Wars is, in my opinion, the best space-based mud on the Internet. With tons of activities to keep you entertained for hours, you'll never get bored. Worried about player versus player? Worry no more. there are pvp options available, but it is in no way manditory for you to participate in pvp activities. Prometheus has a friendly playerbase who are always willing to help new pilots get their bearings, and the staff are all very approachable and open to suggestions and ideas. New activities are being added all the time, so Prometheus never stagnates. The staff is open to player-staff interaction, unlike some games where the staff isolates themselves from the playerbase. the staff runs in-game events on a regular basis, and they are open to event suggestions from players. There aren't many disparaging remarks I can say about prometheus, so give it a try. You'll be glad you did.
Player 3: I have been asked to say a few things, about Prometheus but the simple fact is I am not honestly quite sure what to say. Short of the staff being able and willing sometimes to entertain our ideas, and listen as carefully as they can to it
So you see, the MUD speaks for itself in Regards to players.

Important info: